Personalized Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

  • January 22, 2019

Good news everyone – NuFun Activities has a fun and mess-free paper that allows kids to enjoy coloring WHEREVER they want without the fear of a long and messy clean up. The paper is sold on Amazon for a fraction of what competitors charge, and it allows crafters to make PERSONALIZED projects such as the coloring book below. The paper also works with any competitors mess free markers. Check out the project and step by step tutorial below:

Step One: Open your NuFun Activities Mess Free paper and separate the number of pages that you want for your project.

Step Two: Find images that you want to use to create a coloring book. I found my Valentines images at:

I then downloaded the image and sized it to cover a 8.5″ x 11″ page.

Step Three: Print the images onto the NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper using whatever printer and ink you have available (ink jet, laser, etc.).

Step Four: Create a cover page for your book — I personalized mine a bit for my nephew — and then print your cover page (I used festive bright pink for Valentines Day!)

Step Five: Hole punch your coloring pages and cover page.

Step 6: Bind your coloring book — I used ribbon but many other items would work great as well, including ribbon.

This paper works GREAT and is a huge cost saver when comparing it to other mess free options. It also allows you to personalize and make fun gifts for your loved ones. If you have access to Photoshop and want to use your own personal photos to make the coloring pages, there are several easy to follow tutorials such as this one: that you can try!

Check out some videos of the product being used:

CLICK HERE –> Check out the fun flip view of the finished project!

CLICK HERE –> Works great and keeps colors vibrant and bright!

CLICK HERE –> ONLY colors on the paper, not on flooring, walls, bedding, etc.

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