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Customized Easter Burlap Bag

Forget the Easter basket this year– make a custom Easter bag! This bag can be a dual purpose it can either be a home decor or you can use it to hide the Easter bunny treats for the kids! We will take you step by step to show exactly how to make this awesome Easter Burlap bag!

Here’s what you will need:

1. The first step is to pick out your design. You want to plan it out and measure it so it will fit correctly on your Easter burlap bag!

2. Print your design. Remember to mirror your letters and graphics before you print them for the light transfer! For the dark transfer you want to make sure you leave it normal. ( I used dark transfer for the Easter bunnies and light transfer for the black lettering that says “the browns”

3. Cut down your transfers around the letters and design.

4. Make sure to peel the dark transfer paper or it will not transfer to your bag!

5. Iron on each design– using parchment paper

6. Peel the paper away from the transfer while it is still hot. If there are any parts where the transfer didn’t stick all the way, lay the transfer back down and continue to iron. Because the burlap is such a course material, it sometimes takes extra heat to get a clean transfer!

7. Fill your bag with goodies or make it a home decor which ever you prefer I’m sure it will look awesome!