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    • Our Light Transfer Paper is compatible with inkjet printers only. No special ink is required.
    • Our Dark Transfer Paper is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. No special ink is required.
    • Printing on our Mess Free Paper works best with a laser printer or copier. Using an inkjet printer runs the risk of the ink smearing when drawn across with mess free markers/paints.

    • Our Light Transfer Paper works best on extremely light colored fabrics such as white or very pale (heather) grey. The background of this transfer film is clear, so it will show the color of the shirt through which could compromise the design showing as intended.
    • For dark colored fabrics, use our NuFun Dark Transfer Paper.
    • Our Dark Transfer Paper is suitable for use on most dark colored fabrics. Please note that we advise you to pre-wash any highly pigmented colors (such as red) to prevent any extra ink/dye from the shirt from bleeding into the heat transfer film / vinyl.

    Please note that we sell a Light + Dark Transfer Paper Combo Pack which contains both Light and Dark Transfer sheets and would cover needs for most fabric colors.

    Although our paper works on most cutters such as Cricut® or Silhouette®, you do not need to use a cutter for great results with NuFun papers; a pair of scissors and a steady hand is sufficient.

    Our transfer papers have been tested and proven to be non-toxic and lead free. Testing was done using USA Toxic Risk Assessment (TRA), with results meeting the requirements for classification as not toxic. This product has also been tested for heavy metals, using Surface Coating Materials Test for Heavy Metals (ASTM F963-17), with lead levels at a pass rating.

    Yes, they do have a nice feel (also known as "hand”), especially if you add firm pressure during the transfer to really drive the transfer layer into the garment, and peel the release liner hot—it will give you a great hand.

    You can improve the hand even more if you iron it a second time after the transfer (protect the transfer with a parchment paper) for 10 seconds; this will give you the best possible hand.

    For best results wash inside out in cold water. Remove from the washer immediately when the wash cycle is done and hang to dry.



    Please see below for more Frequently Asked Questions.


    Foil Transfer Paper

    Product Information:

    • How many sheets are included in the foil transfer kit(s)?
      • Gold: 2 of the foil, 2 of the adhesive transfer sheets and 2 parchment papers
      • Silver: 2 of the foil, 2 of the adhesive transfer sheets and 2 parchment papers
      • Cheetah: 2 of the foil, 2 of the adhesive transfer sheets and 2 parchment papers
      • Shattered Glass: 2 of the foil, 2 of the adhesive transfer sheets and 2 parchment papers


    • What setting do I set my iron to for NuFun Activities Foil Transfer Paper?
      • Preheat iron to the cotton setting. Make sure the steam is turned off.
      • Tips: It’s best to iron on a hard surface, laying a pillowcase on top. It’s advised not to iron on an ironing board.
    • I want to use the NuFun Activities Foil Transfer and cut out a saying and place onto a shirt. Do I need to mirror or flip it?
      • Yes, please ensure to mirror or flip the image before cutting. When using a cutter, have the glossy side face up on the mat using the vinyl cut settings. Once desired image is cut and weeded, lint roll the pre-washed fabric and place on fabric glossy face down on the fabric.
    • What type of fabric should I use?
      • Textured or rough fabric will yield a rustic/distressed look versus smoother fabrics would provide better transfer performance.



    • How long do I press my iron down on my adhesive glossy side face down?
      • For a 4x4 area, iron for 30 seconds
      • For a 8x8 area, iron for 60 seconds
      • Larger than 8” iron for 80-90 seconds
        • Let the adhesive completely cool before peeling off the backing on a flat surface at a 90’ angel
    • How long do I press my iron down over the Foil Transfer Paper with the parchment paper?
      • For a 4x4 area, iron for 20-30 seconds
      • For a 8x8 area, iron for 45 seconds
      • Larger than 8” iron for 60 seconds
        • Remove parchment paper immediately, once the foil transfer is cool, peel foil at a sharp 90’ angel

    Misc. Questions:

    • Can you print something on this?
      • No, the idea of foil transfer is that you cut a writing or design on the adhesive sheet

    (You can use a scissor or if you have a cutter such as Silhouette or Cricut, peel the excess adhesive liner off and then transfer the adhesive sheet in a mirrored form on the fabric, then peel cold and cover now the adhesive which is now on the garment with the foil, iron it and peel again when cold and voila you will have a foil wording or design on your shirt.

    • Does the NuFun Activities Foil Transfer Paper stick on mugs?
      • We don't recommend using it on mugs, we only recommend it on flat surfaces where you can iron the adhesive and the foil layer evenly.


    Iron On Puzzle Kit

    Product Information:

    • How many puzzles/sheets of paper come in a pack?
      • 3 Puzzles + 3 Transfer Sheets + 2 bonus Transfer Sheets
    • What kind of printer do I need to print on?
      • InkJet
    • What is the puzzle made of?
      • The puzzle is made of a very special type of felt that is compatible with NuFun Activities Transfer Paper.


    • Do I need to mirror or flip my image before printing?
      • Yes, and load transfer sheets into printer so the image is printed on the non-glossy (un-lined) side.
    • What is the best way to apply the transfer to the puzzle?
      • It can be applied with a household iron or heat press (do not steam) on a hard smooth surface (not an ironing board). Lay a pillowcase on the ironing surface.
      • Note- set iron to “Linen” setting and iron firmly and evenly for approximately 2min 45 seconds.


    • What is the best way to break the puzzle apart?
      • Hold the puzzle sheet with both hands, carefully and gently snap apart the edge pieces on all four sides of the puzzle until the 0.5” border is separated.
      • Discard the border. TIP: For a crisper look, use the iron set to the hottest setting and repress with the parchment paper for 30 seconds with the same left to right pattern.
      • Make sure the border is removed and the parchment paper covers the entire puzzle as direct exposure with the iron and transfer could damage your masterpiece.
      • Wait to peel the parchment paper until the puzzle is completely cool.
      • Once cooled – Loosen and separate the rest of the puzzle, one vertical row at a time.
      • Carefully separate each puzzle piece by pulling apart gently. Repeat with each row of the puzzle until all pieces are separated.


    Wood Transfer Paper

    Product Information:

    • Is the NuFun Activities Wood Transfer Paper non-toxic?
      • Yes, this is a non-toxic product.
    • Is it UV proof?
      • The transfer is not UV proof so some fading/yellowing should be expected upon prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Do you offer a pack with more sheets in it?
      • You can find the following sheet quantities: 8.5x11 5ct, 10ct and 25ct and 11x17 10ct available in our store.
    • Does this have a white background or clear? I don't want to cover the grain of the wood.
      • The background of the transfer is clear so you can still see the grain of wood. We love the natural look!
    • Is it water resistant? Can I use it to make coasters?
      • Yes, you can make coasters, but you will need to put a coat of polyurethane on the wood once you're finished to protect it.


    When transferring several images, be sure to cover all applications to ensure none of the transfers are damaged  from direct exposure to heat.

    • Do you print on these with Inkjet? Or Laser Printer?
      • You can use either InkJet or Laser for our NuFun Activities Transfer Paper for Wood.
    • Can I print in color?
      • Yes, absolutely - you can print in color on either your inkjet printer or on a color laser printer.
    • Does this need to be used with pigment ink?
      • Our NuFun Activities Wood Transfer paper can be used with pigmented or regular die inks. Please note that our NuFun Activities Wood Transfer Paper is also compatible with laser printers/inks.
    • Does this work on painted wood?
      • NuFun Activities Wood Transfer works best on untreated, craft wood. However, depending on the type of paint/stain etc used, transfers may still be possible. We recommend testing a corner of the painted wood or another painted piece all together before you create your finished product to ensure that it transfers how you would like.
      • We also recommend that you refrain from painting the wood a very dark color, as the transfer will show up better with a lighter paint color or wood grain. In addition, when painting the wood, try to use the least amount of paint possible (i.e. do not continue to layer the paint on as think layers of paint may cause bubbling) just use as much as needed to cover the wood completely.
    • Am I using my heating tool to transfer the print to wood?
      • Print your image and you can place the print side directly against the wood. The line side will be facing up.
      • Set your iron to "Linen" settings and you can place the iron directly on the lined side of the paper to iron the image onto the wood. Make sure to pre-iron the wood to release any moisture. This will allow for better adhesion and transfer.
      • Lift up a corner of the parchment to make sure it is transferred completely. If it isn’t, replace the parchment paper and continue ironing.
      • Overheating / burning the transfer may cause bubbles to appear
      • Alternatively, you can use a heat gun without the parchment paper instead of an iron or a heat press.  Using a heat gun WITHOUT the parchment allows visualization of the photo and the transfer process without burning and bubbling and splitting. You can sand the image off wood with a belt sander.

    Post Application:

    • Can I apply a clear coat of varnish to the wood after the transfer is applied?
      • In general, you can apply a clear coat of varnish after transferring it but we recommend testing it on a sample before you clear coat your main project as some varnishes may be too harsh for the transfer. Most work but we always like to test just in case!
    • Can you paint/lacquer over the transfer to make it permanent? Spray paint over it?
      • I use Krylon clear over it.
    • Why do I have a sticky residue after peeling, and why does it bleed some?
      • Maybe you moved the iron. When I used it, I put the iron on the paper protecting the transfer and left it for about 15 seconds. It came out perfect.
    • Is there a way to remove the transfer from the wood if the entire image did not transfer properly and I would like to retry?
      • Unfortunately, there is no good way to take the transfer off after you’ve applied heat. If you do want to try, you can lightly sand it down to the point that the transfer disappears, but it is important that the surface of the wood is still smooth for you to re-transfer upon.

    Misc. Questions:

    • Image is not coming out clear, and the ink looks bubbly/almost waxy – here are some tips:
      • Use a heat gun instead of an iron, it comes out perfect every time.
    • Has this paper been used on a cutting board before, if so does it need to be sealed with a good safe sealant afterwards
      • It depends if you are going to use the cutting board for food. Most sealants are not food safe. Also, if using the cutting board to cut something, cut marks would show up. I would only recommend using a cutting board to hang up as a display. I would also recommend testing it first on scrap wood first.
    • Will this product work on concrete?
      • Concrete is too porous, unless you can smooth to a glass finish. We do not recommend it.
    • Will this transfer hi-res images to fiberglass?
      • This transfer requires a porous surface and would likely slide off of fiberglass. We do not recommend utilizing this product on fiberglass.


    Waterslide Transfer Paper

    Product Information:

    • How many NuFun Activities Waterslide Transfer Paper sheets come in a pack?
      • 10 sheets per pack
    • Can I use this decal paper on a laser printer or does it have to be an inkjet?
      • This type is for inkjet printers. I would not put it in a laser printer.
    • Can water slide paper be applied to acrylic?
      • Yes, they can!
    • Where do you purchase acrylic varnish to seal?
      • You can purchase it on amazon.
    • Can I use this to waterproof labels?
      • No, it does not waterproof anything to which it is applied.
    • Will this work on natural wood?
      • If you put a seal on it first then apply the Waterslide on it then a seal of clear coat then yes it will work.
    • Does it work with Cricut print and cut?
      • Yes, it absolutely does! I use it with my Cricut all the time.


    • If you’re printing text, do you have to print it backwards in order for it to look correct once transferred to a mug?
      • No, you do not need to print it backwards/ mirror the text. Print as you normally would for paper and wait 3 minutes before moving to the next steps.
    • Can I use clear enamel or lacquer spray instead of acrylic spray?
      • Anything with an acrylic base is best to use to seal. Spray 3 coats of thin and even layers over printed area. Wait 60 seconds between each coat.
      • It doesn't HAVE to be acrylic varnish. I have used Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer, Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer and Krylon Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear with no problems.
    • Will this paper stretch, rip or fall apart when peeling off paper and applying to a candle?
      • I never had it fall apart or tear. With all Waterslide Decal Transfer Paper you have to print what you want and then spray it with 3 coats of triple thick clear coat spray so you will not have that problem with it tearing or the colors running.
    • Does the clear background show on clear objects?
      • The transfer is completely transparent. I always cut around my design to get as little “clear” left as I can.

    Post Application:

    • Do you have to bake if you use Krylon acrylic clear gloss sealant?
      • No need to bake. Just let it dry at room temp and your set to go.
      • Ceramic transfers should bake for 10-15 minutes at 230* F.
    • How long does it take for the decal to dry?
      • Let the finished decal dry naturally for 3-4 hours.
    • How long will the image last on a ceramic cup that is used daily?
      • If you hand wash rather than using a dishwater, yours should last for several years.
    • Is this NuFun Activities Waterslide Decal Transfer Paper dishwasher safe? Will it peel or dissolve?
      • If you seal it with some sort or water / heat protection, it will make it through any washing. We do recommend hand washing to extend the life of the decal.
    • Can these be removed?
      • Yes, with warm water if you have not sealed it yet.


    Mess Free Paper and Markers

    Product Information:

    • Is NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper and Markers nontoxic and lead free?
      • Yes, NuFun Mess Free Paper has been tested and proven to be non-toxic and lead free. This product has been tested using USA Toxic Risk Assessment (TRA) with results meeting the requirements for classification as not toxic. This product has also been tested for heavy metals using Surface Coating Materials Test for Heavy Metals (ASTM F963-17) with lead levels at a pass rating.
    • Is this paper compatible with an Inkjet printer?
      • Easily download and print out coloring pages on standard Inkjet or Laser printers featuring your child’s favorite characters, shapes, tracing activities and educational printables. Grab a free NuFun Printable here: https://nufun-activities.myshopify.com/pages/printables
    • Tip: InkJet: Print as normal, place sheet in the oven at 210°F for 10-15 min to allow the ink to set and not smear. Recommended cool down of 15-20 min prior to coloring.

              LaserJet: Print and go!

    • How do I load the transfer paper on the printer?
      • Load transfer paper into your printer so that the image is printed on the off-white side (not the bright white side of the sheet)
      • Tip: Do not mirror or flip the image before printing.
    • Do the markers write on any other surface other than the NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper?
      • The colors from our Mess Free Markers appear only on the NuFun Activities Transfer Paper, making it the ultimate stress free, mess free activity.
    • What is the age recommendation for your product?
      • As always, children crafting should be done with adult supervision, but NuFun Mess Free Paper and markers are for ages 3 years and older!
    • Does this paper work with the Crayola mess free coloring kit?
      • Yes, the NuFun Activities Mess Free paper works with all major brands' mess free coloring markers.
    • Does this work with only mess free markers or the mess free paint as well?
      • Yes, our Mess Free paper works as well with the mess free paint.