• NuFun Activities has more than 25 years of innovation, driven by our goal of delivering the highest quality products at the best price. We see the customer needs as our top priority, and work hard to provide the best experience.
  • We invented our own products, with registered patents for Heat Transfer papers and Mess Free papers.
  • Our products have great quality comparing to other brands - with better prices!

  • Our Light Transfer Paper is compatible with inkjet printers only. No special ink is required.
  • Our Dark Transfer Paper is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. No special ink is required.
  • Printing on our Mess Free Paper works best with a laser printer or copier. Using an inkjet printer runs the risk of the ink smearing when drawn across with mess free markers/paints.

  • Our Light Transfer Paper works best on extremely light colored fabrics such as white or very pale (heather) grey. The background of this transfer film is clear, so it will show the color of the shirt through which could compromise the design showing as intended.
  • For dark colored fabrics, use our NuFun Dark Transfer Paper.
  • Our Dark Transfer Paper is suitable for use on most dark colored fabrics. Please note that we advise you to pre-wash any highly pigmented colors (such as red) to prevent any extra ink/dye from the shirt from bleeding into the heat transfer film / vinyl.

Please note that we sell a Light + Dark Transfer Paper Combo Pack which contains both Light and Dark Transfer sheets and would cover needs for most fabric colors.

Although our paper works on most cutters such as Cricut® or Silhouette®, you do not need to use a cutter for great results with NuFun papers; a pair of scissors and a steady hand is sufficient.

Our transfer papers have been tested and proven to be non-toxic and lead free. Testing was done using USA Toxic Risk Assessment (TRA), with results meeting the requirements for classification as not toxic. This product has also been tested for heavy metals, using Surface Coating Materials Test for Heavy Metals (ASTM F963-17), with lead levels at a pass rating.

Yes, they do have a nice feel (also known as "hand”), especially if you add firm pressure during the transfer to really drive the transfer layer into the garment, and peel the release liner hot—it will give you a great hand.

You can improve the hand even more if you iron it a second time after the transfer (protect the transfer with a parchment paper) for 10 seconds; this will give you the best possible hand.

For best results wash inside out in cold water. Remove from the washer immediately when the wash cycle is done and hang to dry.