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DIY Christmas Sweaters

Tis’ the season for holiday Christmas parties and what better way to get into the spirit than with these fun DIY Christmas Sweaters!  These DIY Christmas sweaters are the perfect way to add your own zest to all those ugly sweater parties because you can customize them just for you! You can make your sweater funny for adults only or why not make it a family affair? If you want to know how keep reading!

What you will need:

  1. The first thing you will need to is create your design. You can make it in Microsoft word or Adobe Illustrator, whatever you are comfortable using.
  2. After you create your design you want to print it on either the Light transfer paper or dark transfer paper. I want to remind you if you are printing on LIGHT transfer paper you are going to want to mirror your design. If you are using the DARK transfer paper you can leave it normal.
  3. Once you finished printing your design, you want to do a bubble cut around the design if using LIGHT transfer paper or cut right to the edge of your design for DARK transfer paper.
  4. After, you want to align your design where ever you choose. We used dark transfer paper for the green sweater and light transfer paper for the white sweater.
  5. Once you finished placing your design, you are going to want to iron your design on. My advice is to go section by section.
  6. After you have completed a section take slowly peel the transfer paper off.
  7. After that you are DONE! You now have a beautiful sweater to show off to all your friends and family!

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