Montessori Stacking & Nesting Blocks

Create One-of-Kind Educational Crafts 
Using NuFun Activities DIY Wood Transfer Paper. 

A great activity for homeschooling toddlers, preschoolers, Montessori, play-dates and family fun indoors. Customizing wood surfaces with our patented, iron-on Wood Transfer Paper is as easy as Print, Cut, Peel & Iron! 

To make these ABC Stacking Blocks, just follow the simple steps below:



Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies


  • You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started using NuFun. Our Transfer Paper prints any image, graphic or design using a standard inkjet or laser printer. 
  • To cut out your graphics, use scissors, a precision knife, or your favorite digital cutter – all NuFun Transfer Paper is compatible with both Cricut and Silhouette.  
  • Apply your designs with any household iron or a heat press. 



For our stacking blocks, we used these Wooden Nesting Boxes from Towo available on Amazon: 

Step 2: Creating Your Design 

Once you have gathered all your supplies, it’s time to create your custom graphics. Choose any design space you feel comfortable with, from Cricut, Adobe, to a simple 8.5x11 Word Document. Your design can include any colors, graphics or images you like. Add a personal touch with your child’s name, a classroom name, or make a gift for your favorite niece or nephew!  

You can also download these FREE, ready-to-print, ABC Stacking Blocks Printables right here: 


Step 3: Printing Your Design 

You do not need to mirror your design before you print, simply load your inkjet or laser printer with NuFun Activities DIY Wood Transfer Paper and print your graphics on the non-glossy, unlined side of the transfer sheet. 

Step 4: Cutting Out The Graphics

Once you have printed out all your graphics, check the sizing to make sure everything aligns with your wooden box and labels before cutting. To cut out your graphics, you can use any pair of scissors - or a digital cutter such as a Cricut or Silhouette - making all NuFun Activities Transfer Paper perfect for the DIY beginner or the expert crafter!

Step 5: Ironing On The Graphics

Next, you will want to carefully peel the backing off your printed transfer paper, then lay it flat, design facing UP, directly onto the wood. Cover it with the included parchment paper sheet. 

To iron, grab any household iron, or your heat press, and set it to the hottest setting (usually Linen). Using firm, even pressure, hold the iron onto each area of the sheet while making sure to lift the iron completely before pressing onto a new position. Never jiggle or drag your iron across the transfer paper! Make sure to get every edge and corner.

For a less rustic look, iron under a microfiber cloth instead of parchment paper, or only iron your graphics until they can no longer be easily peeled off the wood, as we did for our stacking blocks. 

Once your transfer is complete, set your iron to the side, but leave the parchment paper sheet covering your transfer until it has fully cooled. Once cool, you can now carefully peel off the parchment paper, revealing your custom nesting blocks! 

Kids will love learning letters and practicing stacking, and you will love how these aesthetically pleasing wooden ABC Stacking Blocks will look displayed on your playroom shelves! 



  • Customers should always conduct testing before completing their intended transfer to ensure proper print setting, heating element heat is set to correct temp (some irons/presses vary in heat), and to make sure that the completed transfer meets expectation. Irons with steam holes may leave the transfers with uneven transferred areas.
  • Transfer is intended for a rustic look.
  • If you pull parchment off of composite before it is completely cool, there is a possibility that you may lift some areas of your transfer.