How To Make A Cozy Outfit With DIY Transfer Paper For Dark Fabric

NuFun Activities Transfer Papers let you take any basic, blank clothing item and turn it onto something stylish and personalized. From holiday sweaters and pajamas, to accessories and home decor, you can customize virtually any fabric with NuFun Activities!

It’s as easy as Print, Cut, Iron & Enjoy!

Follow the steps below to make yours:


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies 

  • You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started using NuFun. Our Transfer Paper prints any image, graphic or design using a standard inkjet or laser printer.
  • To cut out your graphics, use scissors, a precision knife, or your favorite digital cutter – all NuFun Transfer Paper is compatible with both Cricut and Silhouette.
  • Apply your designs with any household iron or a heat press.



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Step 2: Creating Your Design 

Once you have gathered all your supplies, it’s time to create your custom graphics. Choose any design space you feel comfortable with, from Cricut, Adobe, to a simple 8.5x11 Word Document. Your design can include any colors, graphics or images you like. Add a personal touch with your child’s name, a classroom name, or make a gift for your favorite niece or nephew!  

You can also download these FREE, ready-to-print, Wild One Printables right here: 

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Step 3: Printing Your Design 

You do not need to mirror your design before you print, simply load your inkjet or laser printer with NuFun Activities DIY Transfer Paper For Dark Fabric and print your graphics on the non-glossy, unlined side of the transfer sheet. 

Step 4: Cutting Out The Graphics

Once you have printed out all your graphics, check the sizing to make sure everything aligns with your fabric before cutting. To cut out your graphics, you can use any pair of scissors or digital cutter (such as a Cricut or Silhouette), making all NuFun Activities Transfer Paper perfect for the DIY beginner or the expert crafter!


Step 5: Peel The Backing

Next, you will want to carefully peel the backing off your printed transfer paper, then lay it flat, design facing UP, directly onto the fabric. Cover it with the included parchment paper sheet. 

Step 6: Iron On Your Transfer Paper

To iron, grab any household iron, or your heat press, and set it to the hottest setting (usually Linen). Using firm, even pressure, hold the iron onto each area of the sheet. Check the instruction sheet including in your package for iron times according to your device.

Make sure to get every edge and corner!

Once your transfer is complete, set your iron to the side, but leave the parchment paper sheet covering your transfer until it has fully cooled. Once cool, you can now carefully peel off the parchment paper, revealing your custom cozy outfit! 

That's all there is to it, now you and your loved ones are officially ready for winter.