Waterslide Decal Tranfer Paper Tips & Tricks

Product Information:

  • How many NuFun Activities Waterslide Transfer Paper sheets come in a pack?
    • 10 sheets per pack
  • Can I use this decal paper on a laser printer or does it have to be an inkjet?
    • This type is for inkjet printers. I would not put it in a laser printer.
  • Can water slide paper be applied to acrylic?
    • Yes, they can!
  • Where do you purchase acrylic varnish to seal?
    • You can purchase it on amazon.
  • Can I use this to waterproof labels?
    • No, it does not waterproof anything to which it is applied.
  • Will this work on natural wood?
    • If you put a seal on it first then apply the Waterslide on it then a seal of clear coat then yes it will work.
  • Does it work with Cricut print and cut?
    • Yes, it absolutely does! I use it with my Cricut all the time.


  • If you’re printing text, do you have to print it backwards in order for it to look correct once transferred to a mug?
    • No, you do not need to print it backwards/ mirror the text. Print as you normally would for paper and wait 3 minutes before moving to the next steps.
  • Can I use clear enamel or lacquer spray instead of acrylic spray?
    • Anything with an acrylic base is best to use to seal. Spray 3 coats of thin and even layers over printed area. Wait 60 seconds between each coat.
    • It doesn't HAVE to be acrylic varnish. I have used Mod Podge Spray Acrylic Sealer, Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer and Krylon Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear with no problems.
  • Will this paper stretch, rip or fall apart when peeling off paper and applying to a candle?
    • I never had it fall apart or tear. With all Waterslide Decal Transfer Paper you have to print what you want and then spray it with 3 coats of triple thick clear coat spray so you will not have that problem with it tearing or the colors running.
  • Does the clear background show on clear objects?
    • The transfer is completely transparent. I always cut around my design to get as little “clear” left as I can.

Post Application:

  • Do you have to bake if you use Krylon acrylic clear gloss sealant?
    • No need to bake. Just let it dry at room temp and your set to go.
    • Ceramic transfers should bake for 10-15 minutes at 230* F.
  • How long does it take for the decal to dry?
    • Let the finished decal dry naturally for 3-4 hours.
  • How long will the image last on a ceramic cup that is used daily?
    • If you hand wash rather than using a dishwater, yours should last for several years.
  • Is this NuFun Activities Waterslide Decal Transfer Paper dishwasher safe? Will it peel or dissolve?
    • If you seal it with some sort or water / heat protection, it will make it through any washing. We do recommend hand washing to extend the life of the decal.
  • Can these be removed?
    • Yes, with warm water if you have not sealed it yet.