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Gift bags to start the holiday season!

Good Morning everyone! Today is a very exciting day because we are showing you how to make customized gift bags for all of your guests. If you are like me you like to make everyone feel more than welcome for the holiday season and no better way to show them than a custom gift bag! Theses gift bags are very inexpensive and take minutes to make! If this interest you keep reading to see step by step instructions on how to make them!

The first thing you will need is all of the proper products

  1. You will need to create your design you can use Microsoft word or any other software. I got my image from All free downloads and designs made by Mandee.  Then made my own inspired by the twos designs!


  1. The second thing you will do is follow the instructions on the Nufun Light paper package to print it out.


  1. You will then cut your image in a bubble style around the edges.
  1. After you cut, align exactly where you want to your design to go on the gift bag


  1. Then iron, Make sure on your settings that your iron is put on low heat. So you do not burn your gift bag.


  1. After you finished ironing let your gift bag cool and then peal it off. Usually you have to peal when it is hot but for best results wait till it is cooled down! I waited about 45 seconds before I pealed it off.


  1. If you are doing multiple repeat steps 1-6!


  1. The last step, fill with whatever you desire. We used Lindt chocolates to complete our gift bags!