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DIY Kids Apron

Looking for a fun project to make with the kids? Why not help the kids make a customized apron. This is a fun craft for anyone to do. It will keep the kids busy and only takes around 15 minutes! Keep reading if you are interested!

What you will need:


  1.  The first thing you want to do is to create your design. You can Microsoft word or any other program that you feel comfortable with. We got our design from!
  2. The second thing you want to do is to print your design, making sure that you mirror it.
  3. After, you want to cut your design. Cut your design in a bubble cut.
  4. You want to place your design where ever is appropriate for your apron.
  5. You then want to iron. A trick to ironing transfer paper is to quick go over the full thing for 30 seconds then it will help stick to the fabric.
  6. After you iron, you want to peel it hot slowly pulling it away from the fabric.
  7. You are done! You now have a customized apron.