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Custom Craft Room Organizer

With it being “back to school” season, I think it is the perfect time to get things organized  before things really get going! As per NuFun policy, we can’t get away with boring, lifeless storage containers, enter this custom craft room organizer! My absolute favorite thing about this is that each side is unique, one photo, one side with lettering and one side with writable chalkboard! Let’s get crafting our craft crate!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Paint your crate if you would like. While this isn’t necessary if you want the more rustic wood finish, I liked a light gray wash over the entire piece.
  2. Next, measure the each side of your crate. You need to know how long and tall each side is.
  3. Decide which side will get which transfer. I did the name on the long sides of mine with wood transfer. Then for one side, I transferred a photo and the other is for chalk transfer.
  4. Print your graphics and photos for the coordinating size on NuFun Wood Transfer. Make sure to mirror your image before printing!
  5. Trim any excess transfer paper, making sure that the entire surface is covered, even if there is no graphic on that area. This will give a consistent finish to the entire piece.

    For the long side you will likely have to spread it across multiple sheets. To do that simply make your graphic go across two sheets of transfer and splice together with tape.
  7. Place transfer face down on the craft crate and iron according to the instructions. To help keep the transfer in place, run over the entire piece with your iron briefly. This will help the transfer paper stick in place on the crate allowing the transfer to be easier. 
  8. Peel the backing paper while the transfer is still hot.
  9. Do the other sides with wood transfer following the same instructions.
  10. After all the wood transfer is completed, move on to the chalk transfer side. To add the chalk transfer, simply cut your chalk transfer to the correct size.
  11. Peel the backing paper from the cut chalk transfer sheet and place chalk side up on the surface.
  12. Cover with parchment paper and iron according to the instructions.
  13. Remove the parchment and you have a writable chalk surface!

    We want to see your awesome transfer creations! Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram! Nothin’ like a good humble brag!