Wood Sign

  • October 18, 2018

Personalized signs are all the rage right now — and they cost a pretty penny to get. So why not cut your costs in more than half, and get a personalized sign for EXACTLY how you want it? Check out the step-by-step tutorial below on how to create your perfect sign:

Step One: Create the design and wording that you want. Then be sure that you MIRROR your design before printing with an inkjet printer on NuFun Wood Transfer Sheets.

Step Two: Cut and place the transfer face down on the wood, with the lines facing up (see picture as a reference)

Step Three: Apply heat  to the back of the transfer paper.

Note, you will likely have to add more heat and pressure for longer than you would with a fabric transfer to ensure that all of the design is transferred on the wood.  

Step Four: Start removing the paper. If you see that the image/design did not fully transfer, place the paper back down and continue to apply heat and pressure until the design fully transfers. Please note that this transfer is meant to look slightly rustic when complete.

Step Five: Add proper backing to your wood canvas for wall or door hanging and enjoy!

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