Ultimate Dark Fabric Transfer Tips

  • October 4, 2016

Dark Fabric Transfer is incredibly versatile and once you have mastered how it works, you’ll start to think of even more applications! See the best tips for using dark fabric transfer.

  1. Think of Dark Fabric Transfer like a sticker. This is always how I explain Dark Fabric Transfer to first time users. You print on it and peel it off backing paper just like you would any other sticker! This also helps you think about how it works differently from Light Fabric Transfer. Because Dark Fabric Transfer has an “opaque” background, you can put it over any colored surface (just like a sticker – see what I’m sayin’?)
  2. dft-tips-1Dark Transfer can be re-pressed. Especially when you wash a garment with Dark Transfer a lot, the edges can sometimes begin to peel over time. Additionally, when transferring onto a canvas, the wrapped corners may sometimes come undone. This is not a problem! Simply flatten out the garment as much as possible, lay peeled part of transfer flat back on surface, cover with parchment paper and press with iron again. Just like you did with the original transfer! This will help secure it to the garment (or canvas) again!


3. Use the white background to your advantage. With certain designs, the opaque white background of Dark Transfer can be undesirable but you can also use it to your advantage. One of the best ways to use the white background is to create bold white lettering. You can do this by either printing your lettering on the BACK side of the transfer paper. Simply, mirror your letters before printing and print on the lined side of the transfer paper, Let the ink dry and cut out the letters. They will look all white on the transfer side! The other option is to print lettering outlines in the transfer (unlined) side of the paper and cut inside the outlines.

guac expert 3

4. Follow the wash instructions. This one seems pretty self explanatory, but seriously, follow the washing instructions, If you want a long lasting, professional looking transfer, be sure to wash your garments inside out with mild detergent. It really does make a difference.\

5. “Dark” fabric transfer doesn’t mean only dark fabrics. While light transfer doesn’t work on dark substrates, dark fabric transfer works on any color substrate. One thing to keep in mind when choosing to use light or dark fabric transfer on a light substrate is what look are you going for. Remember, dark transfer works like a sticker, so it will sit on top of the fabric, where light transfer really transfers the image into your substrate.

Phone Case with Dark Fabric Transfer
This phone case is felt, which can be heavily textured and fibrous. Although it is white, I chose to use Dark Fabric Transfer because I didn’t want the graphic getting lost in the texture of the felt.

6. Always cut your transfer paper BEFORE you peel it off the backing paper. This is also in the instructions, but because the transfer paper is designed to be soft on the fabric, it is far too soft to cut when peeled off the backing paper. Always be sure to cut your design first, especially designs with small details and cuts.IMG_4291


7. Experiment and have fun! This is probably the best advice I can give to creating amazing transfer projects. Don’t be afraid to try new things and get creative! Soon you’ll be a dark transfer master!Elephant and burst tshirt done

Have more tips and tricks to mastering dark fabric transfers? Share them with us below! We love to learn new things. All graphics were found on All Free Downloads!

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