Tug’s Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters

I am in love with all of the adorable tooth fairy ideas are out there, especially ones that are personalized! That’s where these tiny tooth fairy letters come in. I love the idea of a child getting an extra special note from the tooth fairy – and hey, maybe some money too? For this tutorial, we teamed up with our friends at Tug and the Tooth to bring you Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters with Shrink with Ink!

Tug and the Tooth is a story about Liza, a little girl who is nervous to lose her first tooth. Her dad gives her a magic tooth pillow named Tug who brings Liza on an adventure and helps her become comfortable with losing her tooth! The best part? When Liza does lose her tooth, she puts it in Tug’s backpack to keep safe until the tooth fairy comes! Pretty cute, right? Oh, did I mention that the book comes with your own Tug – backpack and all?

He is so cute and happy!

So, as I said, I love the idea of the tooth fairy giving something special instead of or in addition to money. I have seen tons of tutorials on making “tooth fairy” size letters which are totally adorable but, I seriously can’t write that small or fold paper like that. So, why not make normal sized letters on Shrink with Ink and shrink them down to tooth fairy size? Now, that I can do! I’ll show you how!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. First you’ll want to print your letter. I have special Tug and the Tooth Letters, perfect for Tug’s backpack or, tooth fairy receipts in four different colors! Remember to increase the brightness by about 30% to print! Shrink with Ink is printable on both sides so you can go a scene on one side and a note on the other! I found the cute little teeth graphics at All Free Downloads!
















2. Cut down your notes to a bit under 4 x 6 inches to fit snugly in Tug’s backpack.

3. Write your note and personalize the letter template with a pen or marker – Pen will work better than a marker (these are tiny letters, remember?)

4. Place in the oven or toaster oven and shrink! They will shrink to about one third of their size and lay flat when complete.5. Feeling like adding a little extra magic? Spray with glitter spray and let dry! My husband is adamantly opposed to glitter in the house – so no glitter spray for me but it would definitely add to the tooth fairy feel!

6. Place in Tug’s backpack for an extra special surprise! 

A special thanks to the folks at Tug and the Tooth for sharing Tug’s adorable story with me!


I am an avid crafter, photographer, marketer and dog enthusiast. I love all things unique and a little bit off beat so finding store-bought things that truly fit my style and decor can be tough. That's where crafting comes in. After my first experience with NuFun Activities Transfer Paper and Shrink with Ink, I was totally hooked! Join me on my crafting adventure to rid the world of all things plain and boring!

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