Sadie Hawkins Proposal

Your snowball date couldn’t possible say no to this Sadie Hawkins proposal! This is a creative and custom way to ask that certain someone to the snowball. If you want your snowball date to say yes keeping reading how to win them over.

Here’s what you will need:


  1. Create your design. I used a mix of Microsoft Word and an image from
  2. Use an inkjet printer and follow the directions located on the NuFun Light Transfer package.
  3. Cut out all of the designs in a bubble cut.
  4. Place your design where ever you would like it. Make sure the printed transfer is faced down.
  5. Iron according to the instructions and peel while the transfer is still hot.
  6. Now go ask that special someone to the snowball!


Have questions about how to do a transfer? Get in touch with us here on our website, or email us directly at We love to talk transfers!

Emily Fusco a content crafter for NuFun Activities. Currently attending the University of Minnesota and interning at NuFun Activities. I am outgoing and fun spirited. A very big social media advocate. I love all things big and little especially crafts!

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