Personalized Wood Transfer

  • June 21, 2018

I don’t know about you but I am always racking my brain when it comes to getting meaningful gifts for my father — or any man in my life for that matter! It seems like everything in the stores he already has or doesn’t want. After looking around for hours I came to the conclusion that something personalized would be best, and one thing my dad LOVES to do is grill. See the how-to below for creating a great, personalized gift for that person in your life who always makes gift giving just a little bit harder than the rest.

Competed Personalized Grill Brush
Here is a close up to get a better look at the signature (click on picture for better viewing)

I got my wording that you see on the brush two different ways. The “Grill Master Mike” is typed and printed from Paint, where as the “Love you Dad” is in my own handwriting to make the gift just a little more personalized and special.

Step 1:

For the printed wording: Type out the words or saying that you would like (I used paint because you can easily flip the image horizontally), flip the image, and then print on the wood transfer paper according to the instructions.

For the handwritten signature: Write what you would like and then scan the image into your computer. After the image is scanned, flip it horizontally and then print on the wood transfer paper according to the instructions.


Flipped, scanned in signature


Step 2: Once you have both pictures printed, cut around the words.

NOTE: Make sure you do not cut too close around the image; keep a little extra overlap to ensure that there is consistent finish after the transfer.


Step 3: Set your iron to the highest heat setting available. Place the words where you would like them after transferred. To prevent them from moving around, I secured them with a few pieces of tape.

NOTE: If you have separate items to transfer onto the surface, do them one at a time.

Step 4: Depending on the finish applied to the surface of the wood that you are transferring to, you may have difficulties fully transferring the image onto the surface. To prevent this, I used medium to fine grit sand paper and lightly sanded over the wood until some of the outer layer was removed.

Step 5: Iron the transfers onto the wood for at least 1 minute (often times longer). Try to avoid moving the iron in a circular motion and instead lift the iron up and press back down firmly when heating different areas. This will help to prevent the transfer paper from moving around before it is fully adhered to the surface.

Note: When removing the transfer paper after heating, be sure it is still hot. DO NOT remove the transfer paper cool. Peel up the paper slowly. If you notice some of the wording has not transferred completely to the surface, place directly back on and reapply heat until it does. Be very careful not to allow the transfer paper to move around when you do this, as it will cause shadowing on your final product.

Step 6: Enjoy!


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