Personalized Wedding/Baby Ornaments

  • November 14, 2018

Who doesn’t like to get meaningful,  personalized ornaments for the most magical time of the year?

Whether your family makes it a tradition or you create personalized ornaments for a big event that occurred (such as a wedding, new home, new baby), you can’t go wrong! Instead of paying too much for something you are not able to fully customize, how about instead you turn on the fireplace, grab a hot cup of cider, and craft your way to amazing, homemade ornaments with NuFun Activities Transfer Paper that is sure to impress loved ones this season. See a set-by-step tutorial below!

Step One: Choose the surface that you will be transferring onto. I chose burlap.

Step Two: Create the words or design that you want on your ornament. Because I used NuFun Activities Light Fabric Transfer Sheets, I first made sure to mirror the wording and images before printing with the correct printer settings per the instructions.

Step Three: After your image is printed, place the side that the wording/image is printed on directly down on your surface so the colored lines are facing you.

Step Four: Apply heat to the transfer using a hand iron or heat press. Be sure to apply plenty of pressure and move around the entire design in a circular motion. You should apply steady heat for about 2 minutes. Check to see if the design is fully transferred by pulling up the design – if part of the wording/image comes up with your sheet of paper and does not stick to the surface, place the sheet directly back down on the surface and reapply heat and pressure until it completely transfers.

Step Five: Add any additional touches — for me, I added felt behind the burlap using hot glue to give it a little more festive charm!

Step Six: Attach string, ribbon, or a hook to your ornament and place it on the tree, or wrap it up!

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