Happy Mother’s Day – How to get the most out of that drawing from your child!

Happy Mother’s Day! Did you  receive a drawing from your child (godchild, niece, nephew, etc.) that you love and want to  not only show them how much you appreciate it, but also show it off? We have the perfect project! All you need is an artist and the items listed below.

Note: These also make GREAT Mother’s and Father’s day gifts from the kids!

Below you will find a step by step tutorial on how to create this shirt:

What you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • NuFun Light Transfer Paper (if you are using a light colored shirt)
  • Scanner
  • Inkjet printer
  • T-shirt
  • An artist (children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews make the BEST artists!)


Step 1: Plug in your iron so it is ready to go when you are. For the NuFun Light Transfer Paper, you will want to have your iron to the “linen” setting (to find all recommended settings, refer to your instruction sheet that came with the product). Ensure that the steam is turned off.

Step 2: Find the picture that you want to use for the shirt – in our case, this is a beautifully hand drawn picture!

Step 2: Scan the picture into the computer, face down. (We scanned the front and back of the picture because we also wanted to include the signature on the back with our shirt design!)

Step 3: Mirror the picture so that when you iron it onto the shirt, it looks exactly like the original. This setting can be found depending on the computer and printer you are using, under “Printer Preferences”. You can also use Paint to flip the image:

  • Upload the image into Paint
  • Under the “Home” tab, click “Select All”
  • Still under the “Home” tab, click “Rotate” and choose the “Flip Horizontal” option

Step 4: Load NuFun Transfer Paper into the printer so that the image is printing on the non-glossy, unlined side. Be sure that you look at your printer settings to know correct loading direction.

Step 5: Print the picture according to the printer recommended settings specific to your printer brand (please refer to the instruction sheet that you received to find these).

Step 6:  Once the image is finished printing on the NuFun Transfer Paper, cut around the image. Try to get excess paper cut off. (Please note that when using Light Transfer Paper, the excess paper around your image will show up as transparent on the shirt)

Step 7: Before ironing the image onto your shirt, find a clean flat area and lay down a spare piece of cotton fabric. We recommend that you do not use an ironing board. Iron the piece of fabric to ensure you have a flat surface to work on (we used a cutting board and placed an old piece of fabric on top of it).

Step 8: Lay out your shirt that you will be applying the image to on top of the flat surface that you ironed. Before placing the transfer paper down, iron the shirt where you will be applying the image. This will ensure the area is wrinkle free and will release any moisture in the fabric to ensure the best finished product possible!

Step 9: Place the Light Transfer Paper with the printed image(s) face down on the shirt and ensure that you have them where you would like them to appear. Be sure you are placing the transfer paper face down so the lined side of the paper is what you are looking at.

Step 10: Once the placement is where you would like it, iron over the image using firm, steady pressure. Make sure that you are ironing over the entire image evenly. Do this for around 2 minutes, making sure you are applying firm pressure the entire time.

Step 11: Peel up the paper slowly while still hot from the iron using a smooth, even motion. Please note that if the image is not coming up easily, or if it is not sticking to the shirt, place the transfer paper back down directly where it was and continue ironing with firm, steady pressure until it successfully lifts easily.

Step 12: Enjoy!




I am an outgoing, animal loving, Midwest Minnesota born and raised girl who enjoys spending time with family and friends and doing just about ANYTHING outside in the summer. I am also an avid personalized gift giver. I get such joy when I am able to gift loved ones with something unique, personalized, and specific just to them, whether it is for a wedding, Christmas, birthday, baby shower... you name it, I gift it! Because of this, I got into crafting, and specifically NuFun! I love being able to bounce ideas off of other crafters to constantly come up with new and fun projects. Join me in attempting to achieve the "Best Gift Giver" title!

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