Personalized Puzzle

  • July 4, 2018

Ever had an event or exciting news that you wanted to share with family or friends in a fun and different way?

This week, I experimented with personalized puzzles and was so excited with the end result! See the step-by-step how to below and find some inspiration for your next event, announcement, personalized children’s toy, or whatever else that you can think up!


Create the design that you want on the puzzle

I used the website to create my designs. This site has a lot of fun features when creating different flyers and invites, and a lot of the options are free to use!


Save the design that you created as a JPEG, and then open the image in Paint. Flip the image horizontally.

You do not have to use the Paint program to flip the image horizontally. However, I have found it to be the easiest way.


Print the flipped picture on your NuFun Transfer Paper. Be sure to use the settings detailed in the printing instruction sheet dependent on the printer that you have. Be sure that you are printing on the blank side of the transfer paper, and not the side with the lines on it.



Gather the puzzle and printed transfer image. I printed my image with a margin and before transferring, cut the white area around the image off to ensure that I transferred it where I wanted.


Set your iron to the “linen” setting


Apply heat to the dull, more course side of the puzzle area prior to placing the image – this will remove any moisture. Then, on that same side of the puzzle, line the image up where you want it, double line side up and apply steady heat to the paper.

NOTE: Applying the transfer to the puzzle surface is slightly different than applying it to fabric. The best method is to apply heat directly to a specific area for a minute or two. Peel up the transfer slowly. If the image is not fully transferred onto the puzzle, place the transfer paper back down and continue to apply heat until that area of the transfer is completely transferred. Then move on to the next area and repeat the steps until the entire image is complete.


Slowly peel up the sections of the transfer paper as they are ready.


Take your puzzle apart.





I placed the puzzle in a cute bag with a personalized note to finish the project off!



Here are two other ideas that I created!

An example of a child’s birthday party invitation
A pregnancy announcement! Imagine how fun it would be to give your loved ones a bag with the puzzle pieces to figure out your surprise!

Please note: If you have access to a heat press, I found that this takes much less time and effort than an iron. That being said, both methods will work.

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