Personalized “Favorite Recipe” Pot Holder

  • November 1, 2018

Fun new transfer idea coming to you from NuFun Activities: Using your favorite recipe, create a personalized pot holder for a recipe card that will last! Great idea if you have a recipe that you LOVE and want to have near, or for that certain someone who is extra hard to buy for (and loves cooking/baking). Step by step tutorial below on how to make a fun personalized pot holder using NuFun Activities Dark Fabric Transfer:

Step One: Find the recipe that you want and type it up for print

Step Two: Print the recipe using an inkjet printer (Note: I am using DARK FABRIC TRANSFER for this project to ensure it shows up very well. However, IF you were going to use light fabric transfer, you would want to be sure that you MIRROR your image before printing).

Step Three: Pre-iron the surface of the fabric before transferring.

Step Four: Peel the backing off of the dark fabric transfer paper.

Step Five: Place the peeled instruction on your fabric where you want it to be transferred.

Step Seven: Remove parchment paper and enjoy!

You can also use Light Fabric transfer to make this – see the picture below for an example.

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