Our Favorite School Supplies for Heat Transfer Crafts

Back-to-school is such an exciting time. Why not make your prep even better by customizing your own supplies? We’ve brainstormed and rounded up our favorite school must-haves that work great with transfer paper. These items are great for students of all ages, from elementary school to college!I’ve included some material ideas for both light and dark transfer paper, as well as some design ideas that I found to drum up some inspiration. To purchase any of these transfer-ready items, simply click the picture to follow the link to Amazon. Enjoy!

[su_heading size=”15″]Supplies for Light Transfer Paper[/su_heading]

Laptop Sleeve

Everyone needs protection for their valuable electronics. I’ve seen some awesome sleeves, and coming up with your own image or design would be the perfect statement for all to see! Personally I love cool initials and monograms, so I found this beautiful M design. Click the image to go download your own initial for free!


I feel like we often forget about lunch boxes – plain ones seem much more common. Let’s change that! I found this adorable DIY with the best text ever for a lunchbox. Type your own to put your own twist on this fun idea!

Pencil Case

A trusty pencil case can be a student’s best friend. Good for not only pencils, but other writing tools, supplies, and necessities, too! For a design idea, I loved these little bags. Cacti and other succulents are on-trend right now (and super stinking cute) – NuFun transfer paper gives you the chance to make your own!


The new home for all your fun, custom supplies. A backpack is a must! This brand offers a bright white that is perfect for using light transfer. They have tons of other colors, too. You could make something similar to this Jansport backpack by printing your favorite flowers and transferring them.

Emergency Kit Case

All over Pinterest I’ve seen ideas for an “Emergency Kit”. Essentially, it’s a separate little pouch for those just-in-case situations. These cases are perfect for the job, and even have cute colored zippers. Here’s a great pin I found about what to pack in your emergency kit:


Maybe this one is better utilized at home rather than school, but related nonetheless! Organizing your study space can bring productivity to a whole new level. Top it off with a custom, motivational mousepad and you really will get started on that essay. I found this pick-me-up printable here.

[su_heading size=”15″]Supplies for Dark Transfer Paper[/su_heading]

Backpack (the sequel)

I had already mentioned that the backpack I found comes in tons of great colors, but seriously  just look at this selection. Choosing a colored backpack has great potential for some dark transfer designs. Use a print n cut machine and add your name, or, hand cut some awesome shapes or figures! For example, I would definitely print and cut out this picture of my cat, Finley, and put it on mine. Because I’m a crazy cat lady but come on:

Book Covers

Do they still require these? Back in my day they did, and even if they don’t these stretchy little wonders are still probably a good idea. I couldn’t find any white or super light colored ones, so send in the dark transfer! Again cutting out some characters or shapes would be cool, or transfer the title of the class to the front!

Cardboard Binder

Here at NuFun we’ve actually made a super cool custom binder before. You can find the post here. Organize in style and add your own personal touch!


Similar to the binder, create a stylish clipboard for practical use or just for decoration with dark transfer paper. I was inspired by the designs featured in this post.


And that concludes our list! Don’t forget to stop by our Amazon to pick up all your transfer supplies before creating these awesome school essentials. Leave a comment if you tried any of these out, or have other school-inspired transfer ideas!


I'm a recent college graduate and Do-It-Your-Selfer-In-Training. I'm relatively new to crafting, and love to try ideas that are unique, yet easy! Exploring NuFun Activities has given me that perfect balance, and I can't wait to share those experiences. Follow me on my journey to leave the Pinterest fails behind!

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