Happy Birthday Tees

  • October 31, 2016

Tired of the same-old party favors your kids get from friends’ birthdays? Break the mold with super simple personalized tees. All it takes is some plain t-shirts and transfer paper to make these adorable birthday tees!

Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. First, print your design. If you have a theme, this is a great time to add it to your design. For example, if it is a Frozen party, add Anna and Elsa to your designs. It is super simple to add individual names to the design in a program such as Microsoft Word. Just remember to MIRROR or FLIP your image before printing!
  2. Cut out your design. Light Fabric Transfer is great because you can leave some excess transfer around the design and it will not be visible. That makes cutting out words so much easier!birthday-tee-cut
  3. Flatten out your t-shirt and make sure there are no wrinkles. Then place your transfer pieces print side down where you would like to transfer them.birthday-tee-placement
  4. Using your iron, transfer on the front side according to the instructions.birthday-tee-iron
  5. Peel the backing paper while the transfer is still hot for best results.birthday-tee-peel
  6. Add each guests’ name to the back, exactly the same way you transferred onto the front. You MUST put parchment paper down between your ironing surface and the front side of the transfer as the heat from transferring on the back will cause the front side to transfer onto your table (yikes!).
  7. Pass out the goodies and watch the smiles!birthday-tee-final-backFor a party with older kids, consider letting them decorate their own tees by pre-printing designs and their names that they can choose from!


To get your own NuFun Activities transfer paper, head to Amazon.com!

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