Galvanized Wood Transfer

  • August 9, 2018

Did you know that our transfer paper not only can be used on fabrics, but also canvas, metal, and wood! Check out the fun sign that was made using NuFun Transfer Paper and a galvanized metal piece found at any local craft store.


Create the design that you want on the metal sign. I found a funny saying, typed it out in Illustrator, and added a graphic.



Flip the image horizontally.



Print the design on NuFun Transfer Paper. Be sure to use the settings detailed in the printing instruction sheet dependent on the printer that you have, and that you are printing on the blank side of the transfer paper, not the side with the lines on it.



Cut the transfer how you would like it and place face down on the metal.




Set your iron to the hottest setting, with the steam feature off.


Place the transfer paper line side up and apply heat by pressing iron down and applying pressure – DO NOT move the iron around, as that will cause the ink to smear.

Please note that the amount of time that you have to apply pressure to the transfer depends on how hot your iron gets. Start by applying pressure in one area for around 30 seconds, then peel up the paper to see if the transfer was successful. If some of the ink stays on the transfer paper when you pick up the paper, place the paper directly back down where it was previously and continue to add pressure and heat until the transfer is complete. Make sure to peel up the transfer HOT.

If there is more areas to transfer, pick up your iron and place down in the new location and continue with the steps listed above.


NOTE: The metal gets very hot so be careful not to burn yourself.


After removing the completed transfer, leave the metal to completely cool before picking it up or moving it.





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