Fun Kids Craft: Custom key chains with shrink paper!

Custom kids key chains

Hi there!  Looking for something to keep the kids busy for a fun easy project? These awesome DIY custom key chains are exactly that! You can use shrink ink for just about anything! I went and found some leaves and thought what a great idea to make a customized key chain! So today I will go step by step with you on how to make your own custom key chain! Hope you enjoy!


Here’s what you will need

The first step is to go outside with the kids and pick out some leaves that we will be able to trace. I picked some of my favorite colors I also grabbed a few just in case one of them crumbled as I was tracing.

The second step  after you trace your leaves is to  color however you would like! I added some names to really make it personalized. You can use markers or coloring pencils I prefer coloring pencils as it shrinks the color becomes more vibrant.

After carefully cut around the leaf tracings trying to get as close to the edges as you can.

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The fourth step is to use the hole puncher so you are able to attach the key chains. Put the holes at your best judgement of where you want it to hang on the key chain.

Next step is to place the leaves that you customized on a cookie sheet and follow the instructions on the shrink paper.  Make sure that it is not touching the other leafs

Once they have finished cooking add the key chain to the leafs and enjoy!

Now how easy was that! Shrink Ink is also now on Amazon Prime so order yours today!

Emily Fusco a content crafter for NuFun Activities. Currently attending the University of Minnesota and interning at NuFun Activities. I am outgoing and fun spirited. A very big social media advocate. I love all things big and little especially crafts!

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