Easiest Way to Transfer Photos onto Wood

Transfer photos with crisp details!

It is so fun to transfer photos on wood and it is an absolute craze right now, and it should be! I mean, how cool is it to have a wood transfer over a simple photo in a frame? But the truth is, everyone has a different way to transfer photos onto wood and some are easier than others. Instead of beating around the bush, why not do it the easiest and fastest way possible? Let me show you how!

Here’s what you’ll need to transfer photos on wood:

  1. Choose a photo. Any photo will work great because this transfer paper allows for exquisite detail in a transfer. My photo is of two of my cousins crazy adorable sons and their puppers! I just can’t get over how cute they are! Mirror or flip your photo and print it according to the instructions.
  2. Trace around your shape and leave a little extra overlap. You want the transfer paper to cover the entire wood surface so that there is a consistent finish after the transfer.
  3. Cut out your shape.

    Notice that the transfer is hanging over the edge of the wood slice slightly.
  4. Place your transfer on the wood slice how you want it positioned and iron on the highest possible heat setting. In order to keep the transfer from moving on you, lightly ironing the whole piece of transfer once will keep it in place. Transfer according to the instructions.
  5. Peel the backing paper from the transfer while it is still hot for best results. If the transfer is not even and looks speckled in some spots, lay the backing paper back down in the same spot and continue to iron until image is transferred completely.
  6. Enjoy the easiest wood transfer! Experiment with different wood surfaces or sealing the wood surface for a unique finish!
    Try with photos and graphics!

    Have questions about wood transfer? Email us at info@nufunactivities.com! We love to talk transfers!


I am an avid crafter, photographer, marketer and dog enthusiast. I love all things unique and a little bit off beat so finding store-bought things that truly fit my style and decor can be tough. That's where crafting comes in. After my first experience with NuFun Activities Transfer Paper and Shrink with Ink, I was totally hooked! Join me on my crafting adventure to rid the world of all things plain and boring!

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