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I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS dream of decorating and creating my home to look like something out of an HGTV show (or at least something somewhat close). However, the same scenario seems to play out every time — after going to local stores and searching online at all of my options, I quickly lose all of my excitement and motivation. Whether it is due to the high prices or the fact that I can’t find exactly what I am looking for, my home ends up looking just the same as it starting — FAR from an HGTV end product. 

Enter: Solution!

Many of the pictures that you see online and at the store can be made for less than half of the price on the tag, and you can personalize it to the exact saying and look that you want. All you need is some creativity, time, wood or canvas (or another surface), and a little help from NuFun Activities! Check out some ideas below.


A cool way to add to any canvas project — the simple wood border really elevates the sign!
More of a cat person than a dog? That’s the beauty of making your own sign – personalize it!

This is a cute idea for any area of the home, whether it be an entryway, bedroom, or living room. Start by transferring the wording using NuFun Transfer directly onto wood or a canvas. If you want to take it a step further, you can spruce up your canvas by adding a rustic wood border.



Another cute idea! I found this sign at Hobby Lobby. This would be another easy and fun remake; using NuFun Wood Transfer, add the graphic and then find some cute flowers of your choice to make the sign really pop!



I love the rustic look that these signs have. Find an old piece of wood and transfer using NuFun Wood Transfers for a very low cost and great end sign!


Another fun take on a project that is SUPER easy to make and turns out so nice. Simply pick the font that you want (or if you feel like getting really crafty, write out the word “welcome” in your own handwriting, and transfer that to a wood surface using NuFun Wood Transfer.  Then pick the flowers or accents of your choice, glue them onto the wood, and you have a beautiful, inexpensive wood sign personalized to your specific liking.



Decorating a boys room? Maybe try substituting the flowers for baseballs!

I love this idea for a nursery or kid’s room. Using either a wood or canvas surface, either write out or print the lettering and transfer it onto the surface of your choice. The gold circle with flowers really adds to the sign.

Happy Crafting everyone! Go make your home look like something right out of an HGTV magazine or show.


Please note that our wood transfer paper is tested on non-painted, non treated craft wood. While it typically works with other types of wood as well, NuFun cannot guarantee the outcome if not used with woods listed above.

I am an outgoing, animal loving, Midwest Minnesota born and raised girl who enjoys spending time with family and friends and doing just about ANYTHING outside in the summer. I am also an avid personalized gift giver. I get such joy when I am able to gift loved ones with something unique, personalized, and specific just to them, whether it is for a wedding, Christmas, birthday, baby shower... you name it, I gift it! Because of this, I got into crafting, and specifically NuFun! I love being able to bounce ideas off of other crafters to constantly come up with new and fun projects. Join me in attempting to achieve the "Best Gift Giver" title!

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