Craft Wood Transfer

  • August 16, 2018

Looking for a fun new way to display a picture or saying in your home or office?  Why not transfer onto craft wood using NuFun Wood Transfer Paper


Step One: Create the design or upload the picture/saying that you want to transfer onto the wood piece. Make sure to flip the image vertically before printing.

Step Two: Print the design on NuFun Wood Transfer Paper. Be sure that you are using the settings detailed in the instruction sheet dependent on the printer that you have, and not printing on the lined side of the paper.


Step Three: Set your iron to the hottest setting (usually linen) with the steam off. Quickly iron over wood surface to release any moisture.


Step Four: Cut your transfer to the size that you would like.


Step Five: Place your transfer face down on the wood and apply heat and pressure. Glide the iron in a circular motion over a small section for around two minutes (the firmer the pressure the better). If you have more than one section to transfer, focus on one at a time and avoid applying heat to already transferred areas.

Step Six: Slowly lift up the transfer paper to confirm that the image has fully transferred to the area that you are applying heat to. If there is ink coming up with the paper as you peel, place the paper back down and reapply heat and pressure, focusing on the area of the image that did not transfer fully.


Step Seven: Slowly lift the section when the image is fully transferred and begin applying heat and pressure to the next section. Repeat steps 5-7 until transfer is complete. Be sure to peel the transfer HOT. Once completed, let wood sit until cool.


Please note that the finished image is supposed to have overall a rustic look. Imperfections in the wood may affect the transfer.






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