Chalkboard Wallpaper Launch

  • July 23, 2018

Exciting news!!

NuFun Activities launched their new product, Chalkboard Wallpaper, today on Amazon. Chalkboard Wallpaper is an improvement to the Chalkboard Adhesive and Chalkboard Paint often found in stores for purchase.

Compared to Chalkboard Paint, Chalkboard Wallpaper is mess free and easy to apply. Also, should you change your mind and want to remove the wallpaper, simple peel it off of your wall. That’s it – no damage or repainting required.

Chalkboard Wallpaper is installed like you would other wallpaper, just add water to the back of the sheet and apply pressure to ensure proper adhesion.

You can purchase this now online at Simply search ‘NuFun Chalkboard Wallpaper“.


Other fun uses:

Adhere Chalkboard Wallpaper to your wall and then frame it out. Then you can let your creativity soar, making fun, erasable drawings whenever you please.
Add chalkboard wallpaper to a table for an easy way to label and display different foods.
Chalkboard Wallpaper is great for adhering to a fridge. Never forget another grocery item again!
Transform any wall into a chalk board. Great for kid’s room, play rooms, and classrooms.


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