Bacon Seeds Tea Towel

towelSo, eating healthy is great, and I’m all about it but, I will never move aside the bacon, like never. So, how am I and my other bacon crazies going to express our love for this crispy deliciousness with the world? The magic of light fabric transfer, that’s how. Let me show you how to create this adorable bacon themed kitchen towel.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 1 Sheet NuFun Activities Light Fabric Transfer
  • Scissors
  • 1 Blank tea towel
  • Hand Iron
  • Printer

1) First thing you’ll have to do is print your design. You can find my bacon seeds design here!

2) Next you’ll want to cut around your design, nice and close to the graphic.

3) Place the transfer down on the tea towel. Make sure to iron any wrinkles out of the towel first! You don’t want those ruining your transfer image!

4) Iron the transfer completely following the instructions.iron

5) Peel the transfer paper from the tea towel right away while its still hot!peel

6) Proudly share your love of bacon and your outstanding craft skills with the world! img_2793img_2800

I am an avid crafter, photographer, marketer and dog enthusiast. I love all things unique and a little bit off beat so finding store-bought things that truly fit my style and decor can be tough. That's where crafting comes in. After my first experience with NuFun Activities Transfer Paper and Shrink with Ink, I was totally hooked! Join me on my crafting adventure to rid the world of all things plain and boring!

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