DIY Color and Transfer Tutorial

Looking for a fun and easy craft for mom and the kids to enjoy? The search is over. Using the NuFun Dark Fabric Transfer, create your very own Color and Transfer projects to keep the kids busy and creative.

elephant and burst framed


  • NuFun Activities Dark Fabric Transfer sheets
  • Parchment Paper
  • Fabric Substrate (keep it simple with a t-shirt or get creative with canvas tote bags, fine art canvases, pillow cases or more!)
  • Downloadable Coloring Book Pages – there are scads of these available for free on the internet!
  • Markers or water color paints
  • Scissors
  • Computer
  • Inkjet Printer


  1. Select a coloring book page (easy to find on the internet or create your own)
  2. Print on 8.5×11 sheets of NuFun Dark Fabric Transfer paper and get coloring!Elephant coloring 3
  3. Cut the design from the paper, trimming all excess white space.

Elephant cut 4

4. Peel the transfer from the backing paper. Then, using a hand iron, parchment paper and following the manufacturer’s instructions, transfer the image onto the fabric substrate of your choosing.

Elephant transfer prep 2

NOTE: Color and Transfer will work on light and dark fabrics, but remember: you will always see any uncolored white surface of the transfer that you do not trim off before transferring!Elephant and burst tshirt done

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